Equity Investment

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Saudi Equity Fund

The Saudi Equity Fund, which is an open-ended fund, aims to achieve medium- and long-term capital growth through investment in Saudi Arabia shares of companies listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange-listed on the Saudi Equities market (growth). IPO shares and priority rights listed on the Saudi stock market or listed on the Saudi equities market (growth). ETFs (ETFs) and real estate funds and investment funds in Saudi equities, cash market funds and fixed-income funds licensed by the Capital Market Authority and fixed income instruments cash and money equivalents that comply with the Shari’a principle regulations with a minimum credit rating – BBB or equivalent in rating agencies.  

warns of fraud

Itqan company warns of fraud and scams that are carried out through social media by impersonating Itqan company , the Company does not open accounts for customers through the Internet and a visit to the company’s branches is a must to open the account according to the regular procedures