Real Estate

Asset Management


REIF 3 Real Estate Income Fund is a closed-end, medium-term fund. This fund is targeting to acquire income generating real estates in prime locations in Saudi Arabia’s main cities. The strategy is lease to real estates during fund term with a suitable return as well as with a capital gain at the end of the fund.

Fund size: SAR 90M

Itqan Residential Fund

The Fund is targeting to develop residential project comprising 30 luxury residential villas. The project is in a prime location in Jeddah city “Alrawda district” with a 9840 sqm land size.

Fund size: SAR 62M

Itqan for Real Estates Fund

The strategy of this fund is to search and invest in various real-estate opportunities, working to increase its value to realize capital gains.

Fund size: SAR 102M

warns of fraud

Itqan company warns of fraud and scams that are carried out through social media by impersonating Itqan company , the Company does not open accounts for customers through the Internet and a visit to the company’s branches is a must to open the account according to the regular procedures