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Abdulaziz Mohammed Abdo Yamani

Abdulaziz Mohammed Abdo Yamani


Mr. Yamani has served as the Chairman of Itqan Capital since January 2011. He is the Chief Executive Officer at Dallah Al Baraka Holding, and the Chairman or Director of several of Dallah subsidiaries in KSA and across the Middle East including Halwani Brothers, Aseer Company, and AlMaza Real Estate Development, and Arab Moltaqa Investments Company. Mr. Yamani is a Saudi national and has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from King Abdulaziz University.

warns of fraud

Itqan company warns of fraud and scams that are carried out through social media by impersonating Itqan company , the Company does not open accounts for customers through the Internet and a visit to the company’s branches is a must to open the account according to the regular procedures