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Khaled Maher Shebli

Khaled Maher Shebli

Head Of Business Development

Khaled Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Administrative Sciences – MIS – of ASU University Jordan 2007. He has more than 13 years experience in the financial companies sector and has managed many M&A and public and private offerings in different sectors with a total volume of deals exceeding 900 million Saudi Riyals. Khaled is heading the fund raising function of Itqan Capital and has a wide range of business connections that allow him to generate business leads and support all functions. His integrity, selling and technical skills has earned him trusted advisor status with many clients across different industries.

warns of fraud

Itqan company warns of fraud and scams that are carried out through social media by impersonating Itqan company , the Company does not open accounts for customers through the Internet and a visit to the company’s branches is a must to open the account according to the regular procedures