Advisory & Research

Advisory & Research

Itqan’s centralized advisory and research capabilities helps strengthen and support our four main activities – asset management, principal investment, investment banking, and custodial services. Our team works closely with our clients to determine the most appropriate strategy for each set of needs and objectives. They are ably supported by Itqan’s research unit, which is underpinned by powerful data capture and analytical systems.



Investment Advisory

Our team of investment professionals are at hand to provide clients with specialist knowledge, from the basic principles of defining and understanding one’s risk appetite and investment requirements, to developing the best asset allocation strategies, and researching and evaluating new investment ideas. At Itqan, we deliver analyses and recommendations that are firmly based on comprehensive market data and best practice.







Proprietary Research

The basis of every sound decision, especially financial, is a high-quality and consistent flow of accurate and up-to-date information. At Itqan, we believe knowledge is power, and we share a great deal of it through our website. Our clients are privy to a second tier of proprietary research and can even request customized studies – the third tier of our research offering. All this information is strategically analyzed to allow our clients to seize the right opportunities.





Business Development

At Itqan, we have based our success on our ability to anticipate and respond to our clients’ needs and achieve their strategic goals by providing best-in-class services and responding accurately and swiftly to our client’s needs. Our Business Development department is thus pivotal in ensuring the proper design and delivery of our products and services.