Investment banking


Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Our team has a unique edge in identifying and maximizing financial and investment opportunities.

Offering strategic financial advice to our clients, we take a dedicated and customized approach to each assignment.

Debt Arrangement

Restructuring of corporate finance is one of Itqan’s professional capabilities. Our years of experience in this field, aided and supported by the liberalization of the Kingdom’s business and investment laws, and the Saudi government’s recent cash injections into the economy, allows us to play a leading role in project finance. We take a comprehensive approach to the project, facilitating cross-border ventures between banks from each party’s domicile when required.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our approach to M&A transactions is end-to-end – from being commissioned to advise and/or negotiate prospective deals, to introducing potential partners – a rare and unique service in this region. Our experts take the initiative to explore opportunities in several sectors in Saudi Arabia that are currently overcrowded.

Equity Placement

Identifying a gap in the market, Itqan seeks opportunities for private equity placement, aiming to approach existing or prospective clients with ideas and recommendations. A step away from traditionally public offerings, private placement of equity caters to companies wishing to raise equity, as well as to investors seeking attractive medium-term alternatives for their surplus liquidity.

Principal Investment

We research, identify, arrange, and manage investments on our own account – and in partnership with clients – across the MENA region in three main asset classes. Our specialists identify and develop distinctive opportunities that have genuine growth potential, financially and socially, an integral element of our Shariah heritage.

Itqan seeks businesses that have sustainable propositions, strong management, a clear strategy with opportunities for growth, compelling exit potential, and comply with Shariah principles. By providing support in the form of additional working capital, bank financing or strategic guidance, and working in partnership with the existing owners or management team, Itqan achieves healthy dividend yield during the holding period and capital gains upon exit. Our focus is typically on businesses valued between US$ 3 -15 million – or larger with co-investors – and based in the MENA countries.

At Itqan, we take a comprehensive and strategic approach to real estate investment. Our services encompass the complete process – from purchase through to post-acquisition management, and eventual sale. Our reach spans all of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – and the wider MENA region – with a focus on residential, retail, and commercial office segments. We also consider real estate developments that meet certain criteria.

Our experts identify companies that display substantial potential for growth, capable management, attractive business niches, and a sustainable competitive advantage, for the purpose of investment. Itqan has been highly successful in this effort, achieving returns that exceed benchmarks by a significant multiple. We focus on dividend-yielding stocks, as well as undervalued stocks, employing a clear selection criterion for investment in securities.