who we are?

“Itqan Capital” is a single person Saudi closed joint stock company provides investment products and services that are compatible with Islamic Sharia and deals in the Saudi market and GCC region. It has been licensed by the Capital Market Authority in the following activities: dealing, managing investments and operating funds, arranging, providing advisory, and custody in securities business. The company holds commercial registration number (4030167335) dated 3/6/2007, and its paid capital is (SR 56,042,030 ). Itqan Capital is licensed by the Saudi Capital Market Authority with License No. (07058-37) dated 09/04/2007 and practiced work on 29/04/2008.
We strive to be the Kingdom’s most trusted provider of investment offerings to individuals, organizations, institutions, and private and public companies. Itqan, Our name, incorporates the values and notions we believe in: perfection, precision, and passion. These values allow us to offer a range of services that are professional and reliable.
At Itqan Capital, we craft and manage investment offerings that generate superior, risk-adjusted value for investors, and strong growth for our shareholders.

Itqan Capital is owned by Al- Zamel Development Holding which is specializes in several sectors and maintains a bright record of achievements inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Itqan Capital

Itqan’s culture is rooted in the way we act and work together, for our clients and as a team.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the kingdom’s preeminent provider of investment offerings to pension funds, charity organizations, endowments, privet, and public companies, high net worth individuals, and family offices.

Our Mission

We embrace the values of originality, integrity, professionalism, and adherence to Shariah guidelines. Regardless of our achievements, our quest for excellence never ends.

Our Culture

Itqan’s culture is deeply rooted in our actions for our clients and as a team. We abide by four guiding principles which are the cornerstones of sustained growth and prosperity: Commitment to our clients, Creativity and originality of thought, Striving for excellence and efficiency and Ethical conduct and discipline.

What makes Itqan Capital different?

Itqan’s culture is rooted in the way we act and work together, for our clients, and as a team. We’re driven by values that help us stand out.
Here are the three P’s that make Itqan Capital different:


Creativity, expertise, and originality help us excel at what we do and exceed our clients’ expectations.


We’re determined to be efficient, ethical, and disciplined. Walking steadily towards our goals.


We don’t just do it; we do it with passion. Our commitment to our clients always comes first.