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Murabahat & Sukuk Fund

Itqan Murabahat and Sukuk Fund aims at realizing Shariah-compliant superior returns for Funds investors in the short-medium term while preserving investors’ capital participation, providing the investors with the facility of redemption upon need and with the best method of risk management. To achieve its investment objectives, Itqan Murabahat and Sukuk Fund will primarily invest in the Saudi market in a diversified portfolio of high-quality Islamic short-term instruments including:
  • Commodity Murabaha-based Transactions.
  • Various kinds of Sukuk, directly or indirectly, with a maximum of 30% of Funds net asset value.
  • Units of investment funds investing primarily in Murabah transactions and/or Sukuk.
  • Units of investment funds investing in various investment instruments including Murabaha, Mudarabah, lstisnaa, and Salam transactions.

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