Asset Management


Investment Asset Management

Itqan offers bespoke investment asset management services to its wide spectrum of clients. In addition to private and mutual funds, we also offer portfolio and wealth management, constructing and managing discretionary portfolios, and complete restructuring solutions for existing portfolios. Our services are customized and personalized to the needs of every one of our clients, which include some of the country’s most prominent institutions, companies, and individuals. Our fee structure is flexible and tailored according to the nature of the product, taking into consideration the time and resources required.

Murabahat & Sukuk Fund

Itqan Murabahat and Sukuk Fund aims at realizing Shariah-compliant superior returns for Funds investors in the short-medium term while preserving investors’ capital participation, providing the investors with the facility of redemption upon need and with the best method of risk management. To achieve its investment objectives, Itqan Murabahat and Sukuk Fund will primarily invest in the Saudi market in a diversified portfolio of high-quality Islamic short-term instruments including:

  • Commodity Murabaha-based Transactions.
  • Various kinds of Sukuk, directly or indirectly, with a maximum of 60% of Funds net asset value.
  • Units of investment funds investing primarily in Murabah transactions and/or Sukuk.
  • Units of investment funds investing in various investment instruments including Murabaha, Mudarabah, lstisnaa, and Salam transactions.

Saudi Equity Fund

The Saudi Equity Fund, which is an open-ended fund, aims to achieve medium- and long-term capital growth through investment in Saudi Arabia shares of companies listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange-listed on the Saudi Equities market (growth). IPO shares and priority rights listed on the Saudi stock market or listed on the Saudi equities market (growth). ETFs (ETFs) and real estate funds and investment funds in Saudi equities, cash market funds and fixed-income funds licensed by the Capital Market Authority and fixed income instruments cash and money equivalents that comply with Shari’a Supervisory Board regulations with a minimum credit rating – BBB or equivalent in rating agencies.

Wealth Management

Successful wealth management is directly related to the quality of the underlying advice, which in turn depends on the experience and ability of the advisor. At Itqan, our team of experienced specialists concentrates on crafting and implementing the optimum strategy for every client individually, drawing on external expertise where appropriate. Instead of the ready-made and off-the-shelf solutions that are often the staple of larger wealth management firms, we focus on creating responses that are precisely matched to personal needs, expectations, and risk tolerance. Itqan’s fee structure is tailored, according to the nature of the product and the management time and resources required, rather than a fixed rate or percentage.

Portfolio Management

Our primary objective is to consistently deliver value that outperforms the industry. Typically, this is achieved when portfolio managers with superior skills and resources invest in sectors that have inherent opportunities for generating attractive risk-adjusted returns. ltqan’s expertise, coupled with the geographic spread of the firm’s investments, can produce portfolio returns significantly more than market benchmarks. ltqan clients have access to a wide range of products and services that can be combined in the most efficient manner to optimize return. Highly skilled managers are given the discretion to exercise their judgment within a regulated portfolio construction framework.

Real Estate Asset Management

REIF – 1, REIF – 2, and REIF – 3

The REIF – 1, REIF – 2, and REIF – 3 Real Estate Income Funds are a closed-end, medium-term fund established as a contractual arrangement between the Fund Manager and investors pursuant to the Real Estate Investment Funds Regulations and Investment Funds regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority. Its purpose is to purchase income-generating properties in prime locations in Saudi Arabia’s main cities, lease them for a specific period, followed by the properties’ sale. The Fund Manager shall invest the Fund’s capital to purchase one or several residential compounds that were offered to the Fund Manager, located in Riyadh and the other main cities of the Kingdom. The properties will then be leased for a specific period, determined to be five years, followed by properties’ sale with the objective of realizing superior operational returns, as well as capital gains for investors.